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Summer Camp at Green Bay Botanical Garden

Children have an instinctual love for the outdoors. In fact, countless studies have shown that kids who engage in outdoor free play have a more active lifestyle, increased problem-solving and creative thinking abilities, refined social skills and decreased chances for anxiety, depression and other serious health issues.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to get outdoors, but is your backyard enough to compete with all the electronic gadgets inside? In this digital age, children and families are spending more time inside and in front of screens than ever before. A report by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center states that kids ages 8-18 spend up to 10 hours a day in front
of screens.

Green Bay Botanical Garden provides the perfect alternative to encourage kids to reconnect with nature! We are passionate about our mission to connect plants and people. Our skilled education team creates dynamic, educational camps featuring a variety of hands-on activities that utilize the unique landscapes at the Garden.

Summer Camp at Green Bay Botanical Garden

Boost your child’s creativity and nurture their minds with a one-day or weeklong camp this summer. Campers will transform themselves into science wizards while they explore states of matter, density and chemical reactions using garden materials. Budding artists can discover the art of nature by creating their own masterpieces inspired by the natural world. Young campers will prepare a garden tea party by harvesting and creating their own sweets and savories picked right from the garden. Campers can also become nature sleuths, studying the animals and their relationships in the garden and then use their skills to solve a garden investigation.

Authentic experiences are incredibly important to these young minds, bridging the gap between knowing and understanding. Kids learn best about their environment when they are in nature, seeing, hearing, touching and smelling it.

Get into nature with games, crafts and unforgettable adventures at Camp GBBG. Each session is an exciting new adventure!

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Green Bay Botanical Garden is located at 2600 Larsen Rd in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Visit or call 920.490.9457 to learn more about Camp GBBG or to register and get your child into nature today!

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Photos courtesy of Amenson Studio.


This article first appeared in the April 2017 Summer Camp Issue of Sprout Fox Cities. To learn more about Sprout visit

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