Build-a-Bear Pay Your Age Day Is Back! (With a twist.)

Build-a-Bear Pay Your Age Day Revamped for 2019!

Last year Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age meant long lines and long waits. They’re taking a new approach this year. Bonus Club Members enter The Count Your Candles Sweepstakes for a Pay Your Age Ticket by creating a new Birthday Profile. Sign up before midnight on June 16th!

Things to Know:

  • You’ll need to be a Bonus Club Member. You can sign up in the store or here.
  • They’re giving away more than 200,000 Pay Your Age Tickets and ten birthday party packages.
  • If you’re a lucky winner, you’ll bring your Pay Your Age Ticket to a store June 24 – 28.
  • Only one entry per Bonus Club account.
  • The minimum price is $1.00, so if you’re bringing a baby under one, the price of that stuffy will be $1.00. (Unborn, still in the belly babies cannot have a friend waiting for them when they get out and kids over 29 won’t pay more than $29!)
  • They’ll take your word for it, no need to bring along proof of age. Your six year old does need to be present to pay $6 though!
  • If you win but cannot make it to the store, your ticket is transferable to any other Bonus Club member.

When: June 2019

Where: All Build-a-Bear Stores!

Build-a-Bear Workshop – Fox River Mall
4301 W Wisconsin Ave, Appleton

Build-a-Bear Workshop – Bay Park Square
357 Bay Park Square, Green Bay

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