Boredom Busters: Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Sharpie Shirts Summer Craft

School is out – but there are no brain vacations allowed here! With these five boredom buster crafts, kids can ignite their creativity and enjoy a fun and active summer!

Sharpie Tye-Dye Shirts

Be creative and wear your creation with pride!

– White cotton t-shirt
– Sharpie markers, assorted colors
– Parchment paper
– Rubbing alcohol
– Small spray bottle
– Dryer

Lay the shirt on a hard surface and place a piece of parchment paper inside. Using sharpies, get creative and doodle a design! Once the design is complete, pour rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle and spray the shirt. The more the shirt is sprayed, the further the design will spread. Let the shirt dry for five minutes. If the design is not spreading as desired, respray. Once your design is complete, wait thirty minutes for the shirt to dry. Finally, toss the shirt in the dryer for twenty minutes to let the color fully set.

Pebble Suncatchers

Catch the summer sun with a beautiful, homemade suncatcher!

– Colored glass stones or pebbles, any size
– Clear Elmer’s glue
– Ribbon
– Scissors
– Clear plastic container lid

Using a clean container lid with the flat side facing down, squeeze in a generous amount of clear glue, making sure there is enough to coat the whole lid. Place the glass stones in the lid in a pattern of your choosing. Make sure all your stones in your design touch so the suncatcher can be removed in one piece. After your design is complete, coat the entire suncatcher with another layer of glue. Allow to dry for one week to assure the entire piece is fully set. You’ll know it’s ready when it easily pulls away from the container lid. Using scissors poke a small hole in the suncatcher where there is a stone or pebble gap and thread a piece of ribbon through for hanging. Enjoy your beautiful work of art!

Sponge Soaker Balls

Get ready for the best game of tag you’ve ever played!

– 8-10 sponges in assorted colors
– String or rubber bands
– Scissors
– Bucket
– Water

Cut each sponge lengthwise into four equal pieces. Gather two sets of sponges, totaling eight pieces, and tie them tightly together with string in the middle. Cut off the excess string. If using rubber bands, band the pieces together. Separate and fluff out each piece. Dip into water and have fun!

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Bubble Snakes

Turn a pair of mismatched socks into hours of summer fun!

– Empty plastic water bottle
– Sock
– Rubber band
– Scissors
– Dish soap
– Container
– Water

Cut off the bottom of a disposable, plastic water bottle. Stretch out a clean sock over the cut end of the water bottle. If it’s loose, secure with a rubber band. Fold any remaining part of the sock back from the neck of the bottle. Take a container and fill it with water. Add a generous amount of dish soap until a good bubble consistency forms. Dip the end of the bottle into the solution. Blow on the mouthpiece of the bottle to create bubble snakes. Ssssuper cool, huh?

Squirt Gun Painting


– Watercolor paper (or) canvas
– Liquid watercolor paint
– Squirt gun
– Pin
– Painters tape (optional)

Pin a piece of watercolor paper to a tree in your yard or set a canvas in the grass. Load a squirt gun with liquid watercolor paint, aim and be creative! To make fun prints and shapes, apply painters’ tape to the paper or canvas prior to painting. Remove the tape once the paint is semi-dry. To avoid staining, allow the artwork to completely dry outside.

Feeling extra creative? Paint rocks to hide around the Fox Valley area as part of the Kindness Rocks movement!

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