9 Fun Chalk Activities to Brighten Your Sidewalk and Boost Creativity!

chalk activities
Shape Mosaics

There is nothing better for kids than getting them outside on a sunny day to burn off energy and stir up the creativity! With minimal supplies and a bucket of chalk – these activities are engaging and perfect for every inner artist at heart!

Shape Mosaics 

Create a beautiful masterpiece with only two simple items and a big imagination!

  • Chalk
  • Masking or Painters Tape

Using masking or painter’s tape, arrange strips of assorted sizes to create shapes or patterns on a clean sidewalk space. Use chalk to color within the untaped areas. Once the design is complete, carefully remove and discard the tape. 

Alphabet Hopscotch Spelling

Grab a stick of your favorite chalk and prepare to become a spelling champ!

  • Chalk 
  • Rocks or Bean Bags
  • Timer 
  • Yardstick (optional) 

Using a yardstick or by drawing freehand, create a large grid of squares – 6 rows down and four across to a total of 30. Create a design in the first square, write letters A-C in the next three squares, followed by another design. Draw one letter per box for the rest of the alphabet rows. The last row can start and end with a design. Each player chooses a rock or bean bag as a marker. If playing in pairs, the youngest player goes first. The other will say a word and start the timer, and the player has to throw their marker on each letter and hop to that letter while spelling the word. The person with the fastest time wins! 

Chalk Ice Painting 

Have fun adding pops of color to artwork with a chilly twist on painting! 

  • Assorted Sidewalk Chalks
  • 2 tbsp. Cornstarch
  • 4 tbsp. Water
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Whisk
  • Grater
  • Pouring Cup/Bowl

Grate one color of chalk into a pourable bowl or cup. Add in the cornstarch and water and whisk until smooth. Place into an ice cube tray and insert a popsicle stick. Repeat this process for each desired color. Freeze for 1-2 hours. Remove chalk paints from tray and color on a wet sidewalk. 

chalk activities
Color Sort Scavenger Hunt

Color Sort Scavenger Hunt

Practice matching colors and fine-tune valuable thinking skills with an interactive game that inspires adventure and determination.

  • Assorted Colors of Chalk
  • Bucket
  • Colorful Trinkets (cars, balls, squishies, etc)

Draw and color a solid circle for each color of chalk you will be using. If more than one child is playing, have a set of colored circles for each player. Hide little toys or trinkets around the yard and driveway and give each player a bucket for collecting. Send them off on the hunt! Kids will go around looking for items and fill their buckets and then return to the circles to sort out their treasures by color. 

Create-A-Whirly Town

Gather up toy trains, cars or plastic animals and a box of chalk and let the kiddos design their world!

  • Box of Chalk
  • Toy Cars/Trains/Animals

Draw a giant, hollow circle in the middle of an open sidewalk or driveway space. Have the kids go around the circle and create buildings, houses, farms and trees. Select areas at random and draw whirly roads that connect to other parts of town or stop at new spaces. Kids can enjoy cruising around their newly designed city and placing animals and other elements around the area. Be creative, the possibilities are endless. What will you name your whirly town?

Goofy Animal Shadow Drawings

Is that a horse with a pig snout or a puppy with a beak? Create colorful one-of-a-kind animals with the swipe of your chalk!

  • Plastic Animals 
  • Colored Chalk
  • Sunlight (or flashlight!)

Start by choosing one animal to draw. Line it up in the sunlight or in front of a flashlight to create a shadow. Begin drawing the animal. Once the basic outline is complete, switch the animal with another and add those features, then color it in. What goofy animal was your favorite to create? 

Blended Chalk Art

Blend and mix colors together to create a gorgeous blend and a fun piece of trendy art!

  • Colored Chalk
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Sheet of White Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape

On the white sheet of paper, draw out a simple design like a pattern or animal. Feel free to add features and get creative! Keep in mind small areas may be tricky to cut. Cut out the shape and any areas that should be removed. Add a small piece of tape to the back of the template to secure it temporarily to the construction paper. Begin coloring and blending the colors in any space on the black paper. Once completed, carefully remove the template. This process can be repeated to make extra patterns or shapes within the uncolored areas, too!

Chalky Water Bomb Toss

When it’s warmer outside, send the kiddos out for a messy, but colorful, live art experience!

  • Colored Chalk Pieces
  • Food Coloring
  • Water Balloons
  • Water Balloon Pump
  • Water
  • Grater
  • Pouring cup

Grate chalk into a pourable cup, add water, and several drops of food coloring. You can do this for any color chalk of your choice or repeat for multiple colors. For darker coloring, add a few extra drops. The consistency of the mix should be watery. Add each color mixture to a balloon pumping station (like this one) and tie. Kids can have a friendly water balloon fight, tossing contest, or aim for targets drawn on the ground in chalk!

Neighborhood Positivity Trail

Brighten someone’s day with chalk, creativity and a little kindness! 

  • Bucket of Chalk
  • A Kind Heart

Starting in front of your home, write and draw positive messages and words. Continue around your block, staying on the sidewalk. The purpose of this activity is to showcase your artistry and spread kindness, love, and a sprinkle of positivity throughout the neighborhood!

Next time your kiddos are feeling that burst of energy and eagerness to create, pick one of these chalk activities and let the fun begin. Happy creating! 

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