199ride.com’s Guide to Selecting a Family-Friendly Vehicle

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There comes a point in most parents’ lives when their compact car no longer fits all family members comfortably. If you are one of these parents, you may be starting to look for a family-friendly vehicle that offers comfort, room, and reliability, all with a bit of style.

199ride.com has some tips on what features you should be looking for when making your next vehicle purchase.

Safety Features

Beyond the basic safety measures like seatbelts and airbags, it’s important to consider a vehicle’s ability to keep you and your family members safe at all times, including in poor driving conditions and car accidents.

Child safety locks, car alarms, and telematics systems like OnStar help keep you and your family safe while in your vehicle and help to protect items inside your vehicle when you’re not. Crash avoidance features like SIPS (side impact protection system) and accident protection features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are lifesaving and should be considered when deciding on a family vehicle.

Additionally, features like lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, backup cameras, and a collision warning system are found on many newer makes and models and can offer peace of mind for families of all ages. Learn more about a car’s safety features, including reviews and ratings online.

Seat Capacity

One of the primary reasons you may be looking to upgrade your vehicle is to provide your family with more space. If you’ve recently welcomed a baby, you may want an automobile with easy car seat installation and ample space. Also, consider vehicles with wider door openings for ease in moving car seats in and out of your vehicle.

If your family is growing or you’re carpooling children to school or activities, think about a vehicle with multiple rows of seats to comfortably accommodate guests. If your children are in sports or activities, it’s also important to assess the versatility of a vehicle’s space to store equipment, such as tennis rackets, football gear, backpacks, and school projects.

In addition to seat count, leg room and interior space are features that should be addressed. For long-distance road trips and growing bodies, having enough leg room provides ability to stretch without having to get out of the vehicle, and can also serve as extra storage room. You should also look at how much headroom a vehicle offers for taller family members getting in and out of the car.

Entertainment Features

It’s no surprise kids can get restless on the road. When considering a new vehicle, take a close look at the in-car technology offered. From enhanced audio features like Bluetooth capability to conveniently located USB inputs, having a car that does the entertaining for you can be a lifesaver when you have a backseat full of impatient kids. Look for vehicles with built-in DVD players for on-the-go entertainment for family members of all ages.


Raising a family can take a toll on your wallet. So, consider a vehicle’s purchase price, overall maintenance costs, estimated MPG, and average lifespan.

Day-to-day tasks with a family can be unpredictable, but vehicle repair costs should be anything but. Have your car undergo routine maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoother for longer.


Put Your Trust in 199ride.com for a Vehicle that Fits Your Family Perfectly

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