10 Physically Distant Family Fall Things to Do

Hartman Creek Wisconsin State Park
Hartman Creek Wisconsin State Park

We find ourselves in a pandemic peak right as fall is peaking in Wisconsin! While needing to keep some distance between ourselves and those outside of households there are still so many opportunities to enjoy this beautiful fall. 

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  1. Hikes & Trail Walks
    There’s just nothing quite like a fall hike. The air is crisp, the views are on fire, and there’s such a specific quality of light and mood. We love all of the different walks that can happen nearby from a leisurely trail walk along the river to a more adventurous state park trail. Choose one, head out on a sunny day, and enjoy breathing in fall. 
  2. Color Drives
    Pack some popcorn or your favorite road trip snacks. Drive through your favorite coffee shop and load everyone up on coffee and cocoa. Select your favorite playlist. Choose one of these gorgeous drives. Perfect fall afternoon unlocked.
  3. State Parks
    So many beautiful state parks are just a two-hour drive — or shorter — away. Fall is a great time to take advantage of our location. Find an observation tower, a trail with an amazing view, visit a beach with no intention of swimming. 
  4. Fall Photos
    There’s a reason why everyone is planning outfits for fall photos. The light, the leaves, the gorgeous colors, and cozy layers — so maybe there are multiple reasons. You don’t need to have booked your fall session to take advantage of all of these fall perks. Grab your camera or your phone and head out to a beautiful spot with the intention of capturing your family in this moment. 
  5. Observation Towers
    Catch a view of the leaves from a different perspective! Get in a little workout and climb one of these nearby observation towers.
  6. Stevens Point
    The Sculpture Garden in Stevens Point is always dreamy, but add the visual kick of fall and it is magical. 
  7. Bug Hunt
    Bugs are a little slower and different types are around and visible in the fall. It is a perfect opportunity to observe a spider spinning a web or find a collection of bugs on the sunny side of a tree or rock. You’ll find insect hotels at Tellulah Park and Bubolz Nature Center that offer a closer view of bug happenings. 
  8. Pick Apples & Bake
    Orchards grow a variety of apples and some of the best baking apples come into season in the middle to end of October. Perfect timing for filling the house with the sweetly autumnal smells of pies, crisps, muffins, and more! 
  9. Choose & Carve a Pumpkin
    Head to a pumpkin farm, farm stand, or even the grocery store to grab a perfect pumpkin. If you’re not up for the mess or have a family member that cannot with the smell or texture of pumpkin guts, hit up Pinterest for ideas for decorating without carving. There are so many creative ideas floating around!
  10. Letterboxing or Geocache
    Add adventure to a walk or hike by doing a little treasure hunt. Letterboxing will require a little advanced planning, but often there’s a geocache site at any park or trail site waiting to be discovered. Fall makes things a little easier with the cover of summer leaves and plants absent. 

BONUS: Jump in Leaves! 

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself without a bunch of leaves to rake into a pile, head to your favorite park! Many parks have areas with loads of trees dropping leaves ready for you to kick or rake into a pile and jump into over and over. 

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