10 Cool Summer Snacks to beat the Wisconsin heat!

gummy bear popsicle recipe

After a fun-filled afternoon playing outside, kids want nothing more than a chilly treat dribbling down their chins. These ten cool summer snacks are not only inexpensive and easy-to-make, but they are a healthy – and tasty – way to beat the heat. (Here are some fun camping recipes too!)

Gummy Bear Ice Pops

Take a bite out of this citrus pop that is bursting with an array of colors and flavors! Not only is this an adorable treat, it is perfect for parties, too!

– 12 oz. of Sprite
– Package of gummy bears

Popsicle mold

Pour gummy bears into each popsicle mold, filling them 1/2 the way full. Pour Sprite over the gummy bears and fill to the top of the mold. Seal the mold with the stick and topper and freeze overnight.

Kool-Aid Sherbet

Whip up a batch of your favorite flavor or create your own unique blend! This refreshing sherbet is easy to make – and best of all, for those with dairy sensitivities, milk substitutes like coconut, almond or soy milk can be used for this fruity treat.

– 1 package Kool-Aid mix, any flavor(s)
– 1 cup sugar
– 3 cups white milk (any type)

Large bowl, whisk, shallow covered dish, electric mixer

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and whisk together until the Kool-Aid dissolves. Pour the mixture into a shallow dish, cover and freeze for two hours. After the sherbet is partially-set, pour it back into the mixing bowl and beat with the electric mixer until smooth. Return the mix to a shallow dish, cover and freeze overnight. To make it easier to scoop, set the sherbet out fifteen minutes prior to serving.

Watermelon Kabobs

Dive into this chilly, all-natural ice pop, which is not only juicy, but contains no added sugar. No seed-spitting required, either!

– 1 whole seedless watermelon

Knife, melon baller, parchment paper, pan, bamboo skewers (or) freezer-safe covered dish

Slice a seedless watermelon in half. Using a melon baller, scoop our pieces of fresh watermelon from each side. Line up pieces of watermelon on a skewer. Place the kabobs on a parchment paper-lined pan but be sure they are not touching. In lieu of skewers, place melon balls in a freezer-safe dish. Freeze overnight.

Jolly Rancher Grapes

Pack a snack with a little extra pucker! This treat is not only delicious, but it adds a healthy twist to a popular summertime candy.

– Bag of green grapes
– Package of Jolly Rancher Green Apple gelatin
– Package of Jolly Rancher Watermelon gelatin
– Package of Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry gelatin
– Package of Jolly Rancher Cherry gelatin

Sealable plastic bag, colander, freezer-safe container

Remove all the grapes from their vines and rinse well in a colander. While still damp, place a generous amount of the grapes in a sealable plastic bag and pour in one dry package of Jolly Rancher gelatin. Shake to coat grapes. Place coated grapes in a freezer-safe container and freeze overnight. Repeat the process for any additional flavors, keeping the various flavors separated until frozen.

Chunky Monkey Bites

Enjoy this mess-free and delicious treat that is packed full of protein and happiness. Of course, peanut butter can be replaced with almond or sun butter, too.

– 2 bananas
– 1/3 cup peanut butter
– 1 package chocolate chips
– 1 tsp. coconut oil (optional)

Knife, plastic bag, parchment paper, pan, microwave-safe bowl, spoon, freezer-safe container

Line a pan with parchment paper. Peel and slice bananas into slices and line them up on the pan. Scoop peanut butter into a plastic bag and snip the tip. Squeeze peanut butter onto the banana slices and top with another banana slice. Freeze the banana bites for an hour. This is important in helping the chocolate to stick in the next step. Once frozen, melt the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl, stopping to occasionally stir to prevent burning. For thinner, smoother chocolate, add one tablespoon of coconut oil before melting. Dip each banana bite into the chocolate. You can cover it fully or dip half – your preference. Return to the pan and freeze until hardened. Store in a freezer-safe container, separating each layer with a loose sheet of parchment paper.

Orange Octo-Pops

It’s tangy, it’s sweet…it’s an octo-pop! This treat is not only silly and fun, but it supplies an extra boost of Vitamin C.

– Orange juice
– Pack of long gummy worms (sour or regular)

Paper Dixie cups and popsicle sticks (or) Popsicle molds

Pour orange juice (or other juice of choice) into a Dixie Cup or popsicle mold. Place eight long gummy worms – either sour or regular – around the cup, allowing them to hang over the edge. Be sure that a portion of the gummy worm is inside the juice. Freeze overnight.

Peach Lemonade Freeze

This three-ingredient treat is the perfect blend for summer and the peaches can easily be substituted for other fruits like mangoes, berries or oranges.

– 1 – 10 oz. bag of frozen peaches
– 5 tbsp. lemon juice
– Handful of ice cubes

Blender (or) food processor, cup

Allow the bag of peaches (or other fruit) to lightly thaw for around fifteen minutes. Place them in the blender with a handful of ice and the lemon juice. More lemon juice can be added as desired. Blend well and enjoy.

Choco-Berry Yogurt Granola Cups

Meet the perfect blend of sweet, tart and chewy that can double as a quick, mom-approved summer breakfast.

– 1 cup granola
– 1 tbsp. melted butter
– 1 tbsp. honey
– 3 cups of yogurt (any flavor)
– Strawberries & blueberries
– Mini chocolate chips

Mixing bowl, muffin tin, paper liners, spoon, freezer-safe container

In a mixing bowl, combine the granola, melted butter and honey and mix. Place a paper liner in each section of a muffin tin and spoon-press the granola mixture evenly into each. Fill each granola cup with the yogurt of your choice. Top each cup with diced strawberries, blueberries and mini chocolate chips, as desired. Freeze for a minimum of two hours. Once frozen, store in the freezer in an airtight container or freezer bag.

Rooty Float Pops

What is summer without a root beer float? With a little twist, this classic is easy to enjoy on a whim.

– Root Beer
– Vanilla ice cream

Dixie cups and Popsicle sticks (or) large Popsicle molds, spoon

Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a Dixie cup or large popsicle mold. Slowly pour root beer over the ice cream, allowing the foam to settle. Freeze overnight and enjoy.

Sprinkle Grahams

Generously doused with sprinkles, this yummy graham treat goes way beyond smores.

– Graham crackers
– Strawberry yogurt
– Sprinkles

Parchment paper, pan, freezer-safe container

Break graham crackers into halves and dip half-way into the strawberry yogurt (or yogurt of your choice). Place on the parchment paper and add sprinkles. Freeze until yogurt sets. Store in a freezer-safe container.

After enjoying these chilly treats, head outside and enjoy the sunshine with 101+ Things to Do this Summer!

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